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AAB Summer Academy Application Procedure & Program Overview

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AAB Summer Academy Application Procedure & Program Overview.

AAB Summer Academy Application Procedure & Program Overview
The second edition of Summer School, organized by AAB College, AAB Summer Academy, has already announced the call for application open for all interested students.

About the AAB’s International Summer Academy 2018.

This Summer Academy first aims at providing a multi-cultural environment to all participants and helping them how to better integrate and accept diversity through various activities. The program at AAB’s International Summer Academy for the year 2018 is designed in a way that includes both theoretical and practical parts, aiming at balancing the academic components with social activities such as visits to governmental institutions and NGOs in Kosovo, and extracurricular visits to Albania and Macedonia. This year, the AAB’s International Summer Academy is divided into three programs and participants have the chance to choose only one of the following topics:

– International Law, Minority Rights and Conflict Resolution in Kosovo and the Balkans.

International Law, Minority Rights and Conflict Resolution is an academic program offered as an intensive two weeks module for the students coming from the fields of law, political sciences, public administration or related fields. The aim of the course is to offer to the participants better insights on international involvement in armed conflict areas, right from the place where unprecedented actions sharpened international law. The module includes a range of courses on International law and international involvement in Kosovo and the region, Minority Rights where many critics consider that the minority rights in Kosovo should be defined as positive discrimination while some others claim its violation. The topics such international protectorates, international peace-keeping missions, European Union Mission in Kosovo, decentralization, federalism will characterize the course.

– Migration, Diversity, and Economic Growth – case of Western Balkan Countries.

Participants who choose the program on Migration, Diversity, and Economic Growth – case of Western Balkan Countries, will be offered a course which addresses the main issues relating to the determinants, characteristics and implications of international migration. 
Balkan countries, in particular Kosovo and Albania have a long history of migration and large Diaspora which have been of prominent importance in reducing poverty risk and smoothing consumption as well as supporting development efforts. 
Participants in this course will learn how migration has always been an important element of the history of the Western Balkans in mitigating poverty specially in Kosovo and in Albania.

– Intercultural communication and linguistic map of Kosovo – languages, dialects and varieties spoken in Kosovo and their social and geographic aspects.

Participants who choose the program on Linguistic map of Kosovo – varieties of Gegh spoken in Kosovo and the social and geographic aspects of its development will address questions of language policy and social and geographic aspects of all the language spoken in Kosovo. 
Some evidence, shedding a light on the place of the Albanian language within the Indo-European language family, is considered by taking into account its historical development throughout different sociopolitical contexts. 
In this course special attention will be paid to the varieties of Gegh spoken in Kosovo. The course will end by addressing the phenomenon of language endangerment and the current situation in Kosovo in light of language endangerment.

About AAB College.

AAB College is the biggest non-public institution not only in Kosovo but in the region as well, ranked as the first non-public university in Kosovo, from international ranking systems. It applies an innovative approach towards teaching, learning and research and engages actively students in all its processes and activities.

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It offers a wide range of study programs at BA and MA level as well as professional study programs. More than 60% of our graduates are employed in the labour market or have started their own businesses. AAB College supports actively the academic life of students and professors through its advanced information technology system whereby academic services are 50% digitalized and administrative services are 70% digitalized.

The state of the art campuses located in Prishtina occupy more than 50.000m2 and include theatre, sports halls, media centres, fitness, cafeteria and everything to make the student experience exceptional. The modern facilities of AAB College provide the ideal and most comfortable environment to our 16.000 students and more than 400 academic staff.

Students at AAB College enjoy a rich social, cultural and sports life through various activities in and outside Kosovo which aim at building them as decent citizens of Kosovo.  Click here to read more about Pristina and Kosovo.

Benefits of AAB International Summer Academy.

Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania are placed in the heart of Balkan Peninsula and share a short distance between them. Therefore, international participants will have a rare chance to visit three countries at once and enjoy their most important attractions in a very short time.

Through the courses and site visits, international participants will have the chance to learn about the turbulent history of these three countries and why they are important in safeguarding the peace in the Eastern Europe. Students will learn about the rich culture and heritage of Kosovo and Albanian speaking parts of this part of Europe, will have the chance to interact with Kosovo students as the youngest youth in Europe and share their experiences with other students from different parts of Europe.

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Participants will be staying in Prishtina, the capital city of business, education and culture in Kosovo. Prishtina is a safe environment for internationals and is characterized by warm hospitality of its citizens.

Beside the programs activities, participants have the chance to enjoy the vibrant night life of Prishtina with bars and night clubs in every corner.

AAB International Summer Academy Program Overview.

Academic programme.

The academic programme combines lectures and seminars plus guided independent study. The courses in total are worth 4 ECTS Credits and by now officially recognized by every University were presented throughout the world. The Academy is open for both Bachelor students who have completed at least one year of university education and master students. Courses are selected among AAB study programmes and modified to better meet the needs of our Summer Academy participants. Students will join a community of students involved in interactive, problem/research based and to the extent possible authentic learning.

The Summer Academy is focused in independent study which is intended to develop skills such as critical analysis and problem-solving to help develop your own ideas. Independent student learning allows also peer learning – which is one of the strengths of the programme in a multi-cultural environment.

Lectures and seminars.

There are typically five hours per day divided into two (morning and afternoon) sessions from 9.00 – 15.00. There is a lunch break between 12.00 and 13.00 hours.

Courses are taught by two local and one international teacher but also speakers (local and internationals) including diplomats accredited in Kosovo and representatives of EULEX and UN Mission in Kosovo) who are experts from the field will be invited to address students for a certain topic. Also guided study visits to governmental institutions and meetings with various leaders and high profile individuals will be arranged.

A syllabus with further details of lectures, readings and a timetable will be sent to successful applicants.

Teaching Style.

The aim is not to lecture but to encourage debate, make judgements, and learn to analyse a topic critically. Our approach in teaching and learning is constructivist whereby the teachers facilitate learning by inspiring, organizing, scaffolding and guiding the students. This is translated in lively discussions of current trends in the chosen study areas. Therefore, the Summer Academy will support student’s independent work and creativity, by encouraging all to participate and actively contribute to the programme..

Study tours and excursions.

AAB International Summer Academy 2018 is also composed of three days study/leisure tours in Macedonia and Albania. During this period, participants will have the possibility to visit important institutions but also hear lectures from important academic and political personalities in Macedonia and Albania. The afternoons of the study/ leisure trips are reserved for leisure activities.

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There is a combination of formative and summative assessment. Your final grade will consist of your contribution and active participation during the classes, your (individual and group) work in the form of a presentation, and a short essay at the end of the course.

Transferring credit.

We will award a certificate to students who successfully finish the program and each student will receive 4 ECTS credits for the courses that will attend. We advise that you speak to your academic advisor or international

Library and IT services.

AAB provides very good access to internet and eLibrary. You will be provided with an eLibrary account at the registration desk. The library is also available for all between 8 am and 8 pm. Within the campus there are over 100 PCs available in the halls for student use. The library and the campus hold numerous places and corners for individual and group work.

Practical Information.

For all participants who successfully will register to the International Summer Academy, a Practical Guide will be sent. The Guide provides basic information about students stay in Pristina.

AAB International Summer Academy Application procedure and costs.

You will need to fill out an online application form which is available here.

To complete the application, you need also to attach two other documents:

  • motivation letter
  • short resume

Eligible participants in the program are Bachelor or Master students who are at least in their first year of studies at their home universities and also recently graduated professionals with proven interest in the fields offered by the AAB Summer Academy 2018 courses.

The programs fee are 350,00 Euro per participants. This fee includes registration fee, lectures and seminars, accommodation (dormitory), daily transportation from dormitories to AAB campus, all other program activities and study tours. Not included: transportation costs from your country of origin to Kosovo and meals. For successful participants in the summer academy, the fee should be paid (through bank transfer) right after receiving the acceptance letter from AAB’s administration.

There is a number of scholarships available for students who cannot fully afford the fee for the program. If you are interested to apply for a scholarship, please send a separate letter with a brief explanation to the AAB’s team in the following email

We cherish your opinion and we look forward to it via the comment section. Hence, if you need us to feed you with more updated information at the right time, kindly provide us your email Address in the subscription box below.

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